Announcing the Enneagram Panels


Dear New School Friends,

I am honored and delighted that my friend and colleague Beatrice Chestnut will be presenting three day-long workshops of Enneagram panels at Commonweal.

Enneagram is an archetypal depth psychology. It has enormous power to deepen our insight into ourselves and others.

There are nine Enneagream character types. The best way to understand them is to witness “panels” with several people of each type on the panel. To have panels conducted by one of the great Enneagram authorities is a rare opportunity.

Beatrice is among the most gifted Enneagram teachers working today. Her book, The Complete Enneagram: 27 Paths to Self Knowledge, is among the best guides to this great tradition. If you are not already deeply familiar with Enneagram, I encourage you to read her book in advance if you plan to come. You should also watch my TNS conversation with Beatrice. Even if you are deeply familiar with Enneagram, Beatrice’s book will add to what you already know, especially with respect to the 27 subtypes of the 9 principal types.

The days will run from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. with an hour break for a bag lunch. Click the dates, below, to register on our website. To register for ALL THREE EVENTS (at a discount), link here.

  • January 12 will feature: the 8-9-1 types—the Body Center Types
  • February 9 will feature: the 2-3-4 points—the Heart Center Types
  • February 24 will feature the 5-6-7 points—the Head Center Types

There will be three to five people on each panel. We welcome self-nominations from those interested in being considered to be on a panel. Being on a panel presupposes that you truly know your type, and preferably your sub-type as well.

The fee for each day will be $75 and $60 for those in need of a partial scholarship. The fee for all three days will be $200 or $150 for those in need of partial scholarship. These fees are very modest. We will limit participants to 50 and prefer applications for all three days: registration is required.

Many of you know that I have been studying Enneagram in depth. I have written about it twice for TNS: this past February and in April 2016. After 50 years of studying depth psychologies, especially Freud, Jung, Assagioli, Hillman, and the other archetypal psychologists in the Jung/Hillman traditions, I have found Enneagram uniquely useful for me in understanding myself and others.

I believe these three days of panels with Beatrice will be a rare and special opportunity for students of Enneagram to come together to deepen our knowledge with a master of the work.

Please register soon to ensure your place.

Yours in the pursuit of the compassionate understanding of ourselves and others,