Beyond Conventional Cancer Therapies: Website Launch

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Dear New School Friends,

Since 38% of Americans will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime, doesn’t it make sense to know that integrating the best conventional and complementary therapies can improve quality of life, potentially slow or prevent recurrence, and possibly extend survival? We explore these issues at The New School in our Healing Circles series of conversations.

Since Commonweal’s beginning, I have focused much of my work on integrative cancer treatment. From my book, Choices in Healing, published in 1996 from MIT Press, through more than 33 years of Commonweal Cancer Help Programs, and many conversations with integrative oncologists and other healers, it has remained at the forefront of my interest and research.

On October 1, Commonweal launched a new website — Beyond Conventional Cancer Therapies (BCCT) — that brings together our efforts to help you integrate the best of conventional and complementary cancer therapies. Here’s the story of my 38-year journey to creating BCCT.

BCCT is the companion to our Healing Circles Global program, which helps you find or create high-quality, deep healing circles for those facing chronic or life-threatening experiences.

There is nothing else like BCCT on the Internet. Take it in small bite-sized pieces. Learn to navigate. The search icon on the upper right is invaluable. Here’s a quick guide to exploring the website:

Here’s what people are saying about BCCT.

Here’s where to begin.

Here are seven essential healing practices.

Here’s how to go beyond these seven healing practices.

Here’s an original story from our dear friend Rachel Naomi Remen, MD, about one of her patients: “Let there be light.”

Here’s the Therapies Overview — a guide to more than 80 entries on natural products and therapies.

Here’s the Therapies entry on medical cannabis/marijuana.

Here are ten criteria for evaluating integrative cancer therapies.

Here’s an example of a page on a specific cancer — prostate cancer — with more to come.

Here’s Terri Mason on “Sitting with Uncertainty.”

We hope you will help us make BCCT better. This is only the beginning — please help us spread the word. You may help someone.

With gratitude,

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  1. I am so excited about this Michael! Such exciting work- spending time today on your site and learning!

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