The Long View: the Launch of Our Omega Website

Mar 8, 2023

Dear TNS Friends,

What a strange time.

Awareness of the global polycrisis—whatever we choose to call it—is deepening across the country and around the world.

We’ve formally launched our new website, You can sign up to get Stanley Wu’s highly regarded The Long View, a free monthly summary of the best coverage of polycrisis news and views, right here. It will take you to our online magazine, our bookshelf, our videos and podcasts.

The polycrisis consists of the sum total of all the environmental, social, technological, financial/economic stressors and other stressors (earthquakes and more). They are all interacting unpredictably and with increasing speed and force. We are experiencing future shocks of ever greater size and frequency.

The polycrisis has many names, many narratives, many appearances. It doesn’t matter much what we call it. We just need to know it’s real.

We can’t escape the polycrisis. We must perforce navigate it. Navigating it wisely may be a life and death matter. We can seek to bend the arc of the polycrisis toward better outcomes. We can consciously learn to live and love and flourish in the polycrisis as best we can.

We don’t offer a single point of view. We know the polycrisis looks different everywhere. We know you experience depends on who you are, where you are, what conditions you live under, and indeed what your life orientation and story about yourself and the world is.

So we’re curating those stories, those narratives, from around the world.

Our deepest hope is humanity will survive this bottleneck in human evolution and grow into a mature and compassionate global civilization that fulfills our true human destiny.

We also deeply believe that we can’t navigate well without good maps of what i actually happening. That requires looking very directly at some grievous truths about where we are and what we face. But it also requires looking at hopeful prospects we may ignore in the face of all the negative trends.

We hope you’ll join us for this journey—this adventure, really—into the heart of the global polycrisis. Together, we give each other the courage, hope and  strength to work for a better world. No matter what we face, we’ll do far better if we walk together.

Join us at

With gratitude,

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