Healing and the Mind

In this article, Michael outlines his philosophy, evolution of thought, and history of healing at Commonweal.

A New Paradigm of Physics and Cosmology

Dear TNS Friends, I hope this finds you as well as possible. From the very inception of The New School (TNS), I sensed that the program would become Commonweal's best medium for communicating with the rest of the world. And so it has proven to be. And what a...

Fall Letter from Michael Lerner

November 2023 Dear Commonweal Friends: I hope this finds you well in these difficult times. We cannot know what will be happening happening in the Middle East, Ukraine, and elsewhere as you read this letter. Wars are unpredictable. The toll in lost lives and lost...

Recent Articles

Jul 11 2023

The Commonweal Way: Summer Letter from Michael Lerner

Dear Commonweal Friends, I hope this finds you well. This is my summer letter to the Commonweal community. It comes at a special point in our history. This year I turn...
Apr 19 2023

Navigating the Polycrisis–Life in Turbulent Times

Dear Friends: How can we explain the explosive emergence of global awareness of the polycrisis over the past year, 2022-2023? Three years ago, almost no one had heard...
Mar 08 2023

The Long View: the Launch of Our Omega Website

Dear TNS Friends, What a strange time. Awareness of the global polycrisis—whatever we choose to call it—is deepening across the country and around the world. We've...

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