Enneagram: Some Amateur Reflections


I’m reading a slender volume by Claudio NaranoEnnea-Type Structures: Self Analysis for the Seeker. Naranjo is a Chilean psychiatrist, now in his 80s, who lives in Berkeley. He is a founding interpreter of the enneagram of personality. He was a close friend of Carlos Castaneda, a pioneer of entheogenic studies, and one of three named successors to Fritz Perls, the founder of Gestalt Therapy.

Naranjo learned the enneagram from Oscar Ichazo, the Bolivian-born founder of the Arica School.

The Enneagram Institute website is an excellent starting place to learn enneagram. Here is its historical section.

Enneagram was brought to the West by G.I. Gudjieff, the Armenian-Greek spiritual teacher and founder of Fourth Way studies. Continue reading