Eight Years at The New School

p1362380810-5Dear New School Friends,

Often I write to you about things that interest me — like my last post on whether beauty will save the world. I rarely write to you about New School conversations. But let’s look at seven recent TNS conversations:

  • Actor and Zen teacher Peter Coyote talking with Steve Heilig about his new memoir The Rainman’s Third Cure
  • Food writer Michael Pollan talking about his new research into the healing properties of psychedlics for the dying
  • Poet Jane Hirschfield talking with Eric Karpeles about her new collections of poetry and prose
  • Physician Rachel Naomi Remen talking about the discovery model learning
  • Philosopher Jacob Needleman’s spiritual biopgraphy, of time and the soul
  • Astrologer Caroline Casey’s equinoctial eclipse persian new year comedic eclipse of Mars and Venus tour
  • And film-maker Walter’s Murch’s astonishing rediscovery of Bode’s Law — how new evidence confirms and 18th century conjecture on orbital harmonies.

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